Hungry Cable Jack Demands Your Noms

Objects With Faces-Hungry Cable Jack Demands Your Noms

Submitted by: Jewel Gaor

We both know the best things in life ain’t free. If you want to connect to the internet so you can pirate your macho self the first two seasons Gossip Girl, then you’re gonna have to pay the piper. And this piper just happens to be really, really hungry right now. Ya dig?

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7 Responses to Hungry Cable Jack Demands Your Noms

  1. MagnaV30 says:

    Looks like a crimping tool to me…..

  2. Harvey says:

    Not jack, crimper.

  3. Detached says:

    That’s a cable crimper, actually. It’s used to crimp the end on the cable.

  4. Sarge says:

    Yep, it’s a cable crimper.

  5. CheezburgerFanatic says:


  6. Ryan says:

    You are all wrong. it is Jack the Crimper. He used to be my friend at one time. i wish he would return. i could make make good use of him right now…

  7. william says:

    tis a 8C8P crimper for network cable plugs. AKA RJ45 plugs

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