Perturbed Typewriter Wonders if You Even Read Ayn Rand

Objects With Faces-Perturbed Typewriter Wonders if You Even Read Ayn Rand

Submitted by: Michael

“In all of her work, Rand advocates selfless other-directedness and the abolition of the ego”?

Really, Jonny? I can’t even explain to you how hard you’re going to fail this paper. Maybe try putting down the PS3 controller and picking up a book next time, okay?

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19 Responses to Perturbed Typewriter Wonders if You Even Read Ayn Rand

  1. Wolf_ says:

    firstest. and now scared of typewriters.

  2. OMnomnom says:


  3. Dario says:

    Hmm…this might look like a typewriter but it is not. It called ‘art’ and was designed to have a face and look like a typewriter. I do not think this one counts.

  4. Dragice says:

    Perturbed? More like psychotic!

  5. Oren Otter says:

    What in the world is with that keyboard? I suppose it might be useful if your English professor said “I want a 500 page paper on the cumulative transformative effects of zebra crossings on British pedestrians, but only using the following letters of the alphabet…”

  6. Sarge says:

    Sweet Creamy Jesus, that thing is scary. It’s like a prop from a horror movie or something.

  7. AThom says:

    You know what’s REALLY cool about this piccy?

    There’s two more faces, facing each other, in the bigger face!

    There’s their big noses, little mouths, and tiny mustaches, JUST above the keys!

  8. Looks more like Terminator typewriter.

  9. skeptic says:

    It’s deja vu all over again:

    And I still hold that intentional face is intentional.

  10. Slab says:

    I don’t know what that is, but it’s clearly not a typewriter. Am I the only one that knows what a typewriter looks like? Ohhhh, I feel so old.

  11. SPnKr says:

    No i have NOT read Ayn Rand, although perhaps I should…

  12. kayk says:

    Yes, that’s definitely some kind of “made” object. There are even two “W” keys.

    • PsychoDad says:

      It is an early stenography machine, made to type up shorthand. I suspect the double W is a result of restoration, but yes, look on ebay and you can find all kinds of things like this.

  13. meepmeep says:

    we not already seen this here before?

    either way a definite air of division bell

  14. Jacob says:


  15. jon says:

    I HATE AYN RAND! 10 points if ya know what game thats from

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