Objects With Faces-Evil Pastry

Submitted by: Kadda

Sure, its gooey, jelly-filled insides look delicious, but they’re so full of calories they will lead to your DOOM.

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5 Responses to EVIL PASTRY

  1. Lei says:

    Eek, it’s like a pastry Necronomicon. (We will feast upon your souuuulll!!!!)

  2. Dickieman says:

    Wait, that isn’t the Necronomican that bit Ash?

  3. jamisings says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking Evil Dead.

  4. Cpt.Canuck says:

    “Those aren’t baked goods, Arthur– they’re baked bads!”
    — The Tick

  5. Daiomeshi says:

    I can see the Necronomican from Evil Dead (or Dead Alive if you’re European) but when I first saw it, I swore it looked like Chewbacca. 😐

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