What… The… HONK?

Objects With Faces-What... The... HONK?

Okay, so we here at Happy Chair HQ have no qualms with Car faces

But CARLASHES? Are you freaking serious!?

Honorary Chairs, what are your thoughts on this potential new car-fad?

Via The Daily What

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39 Responses to What… The… HONK?

  1. eitakook says:

    ooh, personally i think it’s VERY attractive. the problem is, there can be no boy cars!!! what the heck!!!

  2. Cyberkedi says:

    Those lashes are way cuter on the Beetle than on the SUV.

    • Siirenias says:

      I think the real truth is that SUVs can’t be cute, no matter how pink you paint them.

    • bigyellowdinosaur says:

      I totally agree. The suv looks like a drag queen while the bug looks like a cute college girl.

  3. gambitgirlie says:

    The SUV looks like a bad drag queen. The beetle is adorable. But 24.95 for the lashes plus 19.95 for ‘crystal eyeliner’? A bit rich for a novelty item!

  4. Edgewise says:

    Can’t wait to see someone combine these with truck nutz.

  5. Krepta says:

    So if you outfit your car with both Carlashes and Truck-Nutz, does that make your car transgendered? And is it a manual or automatic transgender?

    • Edgewise says:

      It makes your car faaaabulous. 😀

    • dglenn says:

      Krepta, you should see the natural eyelashes on my totally cisgendered brother if you don’t think men can have fabulous lashes. Still, the idea of a transgender car does amuse me quite a bit.

  6. Interrobang says:

    So if you only put *one* on, is it an Internal Combustion Orange? (Especially on a ragtop convertible Beetle!)

  7. llama says:

    ssooo people are now dressing up inanimate objects instead of their pets, i guess this could be a good thing…..

  8. Angie says:

    Yeah, Cyberkedi…I think they would only look cute on cars with round headlights like the Beetle. They curve around so cute!

  9. christellar says:

    i dont drive and dont intend to. i think of the birdies

  10. amandarox says:

    my car already has a bra. adding eyelashes would just encourage more sleazy guys to come smoke next to it.

    also, carlashes in aiddition to a bra would make them, what… chest lashes? eww!

  11. LeeLeo says:

    I love this! At least on the VW. It seems a shame to me that most people have voted them thumbs down.

    It might be fun to also add a teardrop decal to one headlight.

  12. total fail says:

    what moron would actually pay money for this crap? Oh, I know, stupid spoiled rich b****es like the one in the picture! You know, the ones that waste the most with their rich b**** lifestyles and contribute nothing to the world except their sk***y spread legs and vapid bubbleheadedness!

    Please why can’t these people and their stupidity just disappear?!

    • person says:

      I don’t know why you’re so mad for other people wasting their money, but I just need to mention that it’s just as stupid as car stickers, but those are quite common.

  13. Adster says:

    Are you f***ing kidding me!?

    First dressing your dogs up in sweaters and carrying them around in handags and now car eyelashes.

    What’s next? Grill lipstick and exhaust tampons??

  14. nikki says:

    I HAD THIS IDEA 10 YEARS AGO!!! I had a car with one headlight that was stuck up and it looked like it was winking, and me and my best friend thought we should put strips of black rubber on it to look like eyelashes! Sigh….

  15. Miloflygon says:

    I agree with Adster and total fail. People disgust me, charishing worthless stuck-up s***s instead of people that work to keep them from dying from the simplest things. It’s the reason why I see how easy it is to just give into insanity.

  16. VinnieVincent says:

    My car’s a boy. Though I quite like Interrobang’s idea, I wouldn’t mind stopping at the Korova gas bar to sharpen my car up for a bit of the ol’ ultra…safe driving. I am not a badass 😦

  17. mego96 says:

    i think it only looks good on Volkswagen Beetle and does anyone else feel like the beetle is begging for something

  18. PachydermPenis says:

    My car is a transvestite

  19. Terum says:

    Yes they would make my car look cuter *not that I’d ever say my car is lacking of cute* but the awful drivers in my city DO NOT need another distraction. I swear every one drives around doing the “OoooOO shiny” and “Oh look a kitty!” thing.

  20. Twigglet says:

    I chose other because I has no car.

    Damn you people.

  21. _dodu_ says:

    those are just weird

  22. Amy S. says:

    So, I passed a white SUV wearing these earlier today. Had not seen or heard of them before. She had the lashes on the sides of the headlights, so they stuck out, and you could see them as you came up beside her at a light. The “WTH is that factor” could cause accidents….

    I do think it’s quite cute on the bug. I think on my car, they would just serve to make her look angry (she’s a PT Cruiser).

  23. Randomosity says:

    I don’t know what to think but the VW sure looks cute and happy about it!

  24. Neinna says:

    Nightmares. Thanks guys. |:L

  25. peggy says:

    there’s a great debate going on right now…carlashes vs carstaches.


  26. Olivia Pauline says:

    my car is a guy, so i don’t think he’d like these much. poor Old Red, he’s had enough trauma.

  27. I’d put these on my car but I’m too busy weeping for a world where this is thought of, let alone a world where people pay $25 for them.

    I’ll just wait till they’re at Walmart and $9.99 for two sets. Cheapness FTW.

  28. 2seals says:

    This balances off those nasty balls that people hang from their trailer hitches

  29. Junkers Ju 87-A says:

    I don’t own a car, and I wouldn’t decorate it if I did. Also, what kind of person looks at a vehicle with headlight eyelashes and thinks “Imma get me some of those?”

  30. kurisu7885 says:

    Way better than truck nutz or car thongs.

  31. shalyndria says:

    thats just retarded! who would want to put lashes on their CAR???

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