Happy Plane Has One Answer To All Your Questions

Objects With Faces-Happy Plane Has One Answer To All Your Questions

Submitted by: Unknown

Sure, he’s a Happy Plane. But he frankly just doesn’t care at all about you or anyone you love.

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8 Responses to Happy Plane Has One Answer To All Your Questions

  1. dunno says:

    i dont see the happy face

  2. SJP says:

    Starscream seems very relaxed between takes…

  3. vk says:

    I don’t see it either

  4. AlexyGalaxy says:

    Huh… I was the one who uploaded this, but it says “Submitted by: unknown”? Apparently I wasn’t logged on. Oh well.
    BTW, the happy face is the two windshields for eyes and the five dots underneath for a smile.

  5. Cambo says:

    Now this made me lol so much

  6. Sarge says:

    Do not make fun of the F-18C/D Hornet. That thing was useful to your shadowy overloads and their fear mongering wars designed to keep us all in line and working at meaningless jobs that require us to hand over most of our wealth to corporations and governments that do not have our best interests in mind. Why, where would we be if the billions we all spend on nifty fighter planes had been left in our pockets instead?

    I for one welcome our oppressive puppet masters and the inevitable march to doom they bring to all of us. All hail the richest %1 of humanity and the glorious wars the bring to us all!

  7. Laureneli23 says:


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