Caption Contest #14 Winners

Honorary Chairs, thank you for all of your awesome submissions! We’ve had to choose just a few to post here, but we loved each and every one. Stay tuned for our next caption contest!

Objects With Faces-Oh God!!!!
Submitted by DarkOne23456

Objects With Faces-I'm Gonna Sing The Doom Song Now!
Submitted by Guardian379

Check out a few more of our favorites after the jump!

Objects With Faces-MY EYES!!!
Submitted by Raptor2672

Objects With Faces-EXTERMINATE!
Submitted by Ghost_Teddybear

Objects With Faces-I'm...Ur Littlest Fan!!!
Submitted by Beowulf

Objects With Faces-Enlightened Fan
Submitted by cribbit

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21 Responses to Caption Contest #14 Winners

  1. hanah_bloom says:

    I love the second one. It’s a total Invader Zim win. That should have won first.

  2. Zomg! says:

    Invader Zim win.

  3. catbunny says:

    Doomy Doomy Doomy Doomy doom! 😀

  4. jam_paps says:

    I suddenly miss Ger of Invader Zim. Best alien-cartoon of the decade.

    • hanah_bloom says:


      Though yes, Invader Zim was an awesome show. It’s a shame Nickelodeon had to cancel it.

      But honestly, did they really think that the guy who wrote Johnny the Homicidal Maniac would write a good kids show?

  5. orion says:

    doom doom doom, DOOM DOOM DOOOOOOOOM

  6. mica720x says:

    Hi floor! Make me a samich!

  7. Will says:

    Nickelodeon finally came to its senses…kinda. Nicktoons now shows Zim for hours on Saturday, as part of “Invader-Ball Weekends”. The “ball” refers to Dragonball Z Kai, shown on Sundays.

  8. Madelon says:

    Second one is the best.

  9. Avery says:

    AHHHHH! GIR! It totally looks like Gir! 😀 I’m so glad that won!
    Doom doom dadoomdoomdoom doomie doomie doom… (:

  10. Invader Jinx says:

    Yaaaaaay! GIR! I’m like the biggest IZ fan ever! Proof: I have a tattoo of the irken symbol. Now that’s dedication.

  11. Trev says:

    I got a coupon!

  12. Maggy says:

    Tuuurn around, briiight eyes!

  13. kodama7 says:

    2nd totally should have won 1st, GIR is amazing

  14. roflcopter says:


  15. Joolz Kitteh33 says:

    Invader Zim wwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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