Wanna See My ‘O’ Face?

Objects With Faces-Wanna See My 'O' Face?

Submitted by: Unknown

I have no idea what kind of keyboard has its zero on the same key as its colon, but now I really, really want to find out. Its manufacturers must be huge fans of innuend-O.

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67 Responses to Wanna See My ‘O’ Face?

  1. G says:

    I think it’s an O with an umlaut, rather than a zero and colon.

  2. thijsgdoijlnz says:

    I’ts a key from a german “kwertz” keyboard.

  3. QV says:

    It’s a swedish keyboard, the letter ö (an o with dots)

  4. rickterp says:

    It’s a German keyboard, which has an O with an umlaut. See the key to the right of the L here: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/staff/nicoocz/guides/DIY/7.jpg

  5. arizaka says:

    that’s just the ö letter from swedish and finnish keyboards, silly.

    Instant smiley!

  6. sule says:

    in my home country(Turkey)thats one the letters in our alphbet

  7. German Guy says:

    öööö ÖÖÖÖÖ

  8. Lew says:

    lame, this is just a german Umlaut Ö key. The one on my keyboard looks even better! 😛 just kidding, this is a pretty neat discovery

  9. Raamyah says:

    It’s from a German keyboard. I guarantee you will have this explained about fifty times.

  10. taiga says:

    Or a Finnish keyboard. It has Å, Ä and Ö . Is sort of a sound of oe.

  11. M says:

    Ha, that’s just a key from German, Swedish, Finnish, etc. keyboard. Haven’t you seen an “ö” (or “ä”) before?

  12. Gabi says:

    Or it can simply be a hungarian keyboard with the vowel ö. Hungarian vowels: a, á, e, é, i, í, o, ó, ö, ő, u, ú, ü, ű.

  13. Mawcrow says:

    Could also be swedish, finnish, danish, norwagian… It’s Ö, I have one almost identical on my keyboard.

    • Lars Clausen says:

      Nope, can’t be a Danish keyboard. We don’t use umlauts except for a very few loan words. Apart from normal qwerty-ness, we just have æ, ø and å. I am fairly sure the same goes for Norwegian (since Danish has pwned Norwegian).

  14. LordofSoup says:

    Fail, that isn’t a colon and a 0 or O, it’s an O with a an Umlaut…

  15. Daniel says:

    It could also be a swedish keyboard. The letter Ö looks like that. But yes it could also be a ¨and a O.

  16. somebody says:

    Or it could be a swedish keyboard.

  17. troll says:

    retard, it’s a Ö

  18. douglas says:

    could be the Ö from the swedish/finnish keyboard too.

  19. Patricia says:

    It could be an Icelandic keyboard, we have ö as well….

  20. Kii says:

    This letter is also a part of scandinavian keyboards.

  21. steve says:

    no, i think its a key with an “O” and a colon. that just makes too much sense, and besides, what the hell is a swedish? i dont think a gummy candy shaped like a fish is going to be using a keyboard. i mean come on guys, lets be reasonable.

  22. Melli says:

    This is a GERMAN keyboard. Scandinavian language has the O with a slash through it.

  23. Skyfire says:

    Öbviöüsly yöü’rë nöt Mëtäl ënöügh.

  24. Jules says:

    It’s probably an umlaut. I love umlauts…ö

  25. plutobum says:

    definitely an o with an umlaut

  26. Bubba says:

    Stop saying Umlaut

  27. e. says:

    now – to think about it… Ü is a cool letter as well… a VERY big smile

    look –


    • firekitten says:

      lol. Now I’ll always feel like I’m being watched when using my computer. XD Ö key is shocked at what you’re doing on the web this late again. But Ü just thinks it’s funny.

    • carnifex says:

      hehe,damn,never thought about it,same with ö.

      Ä looks like a shocked carp to me now. löl.

  28. Mandekeo says:

    It could be a Norwegian keyboard, because if you buy one at Clas Ohlson, which a lot of Norwegians do, you get the Æ and Ø keys loose, to replace the Swedish Ä and Ö. Thus the loose Ö key.

  29. Chirurgeon says:

    Was the original comment a form of trolling here, or a lack of experience of the world outside the good ol’ U S of A?

    I must admit though the first time I used a german keyboard it took ages to get used to QWERTZ instead of QWERTY. (eg: I’m so happz here on mz holidaz here in Germanz etc etc)

  30. Dommec says:

    It’s on German keyboards. It’s an O with Umlaut. We also have the keys Ü and Ä.

  31. chibiterasu says:

    it’s the swedish letter ö. as well as german, we also have the letters ä and å. so it could be from either a swedish or german keyboard

  32. Sarge says:

    The two dots above the “O” is called a diaeresis, not an umlaut. The term “Umlaut” refers to the sound that one makes when one pronounces a vowel that is written with a diaeresis above it, not the diaeresis itself.

  33. Isa says:

    I have that.. I use it.. swedish, finnish letters Öö Åå Ää

  34. Dawnflower says:

    its in multiple languges, just not english. its just an accent.

  35. Anna says:

    That’s a German key from a German keyboard. Most of the vowels in the German alphabet have umlauts over the top of them.

    • MTGG says:

      they all have them when it’s required to emphasise pronunciation, e.g. the German word “imbißstübe”. Without the ‘ü’ the final part of the word would be pronounced “stubeh”, with the ‘ü’ it’s pronounced “stoobeh”. I can’t remember if the scharfes es is used much anymore, alls i know is it was used where the letter s would have been used twice

    • kaystrel says:

      I’m sorry – but this example is just so wrong. I’m German and I don’t have the slightest idea what you’re referring to. We only have Ä, Ö and Ü, sometimes there is need of one of these in a plural use, e.g. “Stuhl” (chair) – “Stühle” (chairs). But “imbißstübe” is just a word that doesn’t exist at all 😉 (btw. – “Imbissstube” is pronounced “imbissstoobeh” already. And the “scharfes s” is only used if the vowel is pronounced in a “long” way: e.g. “Straße” [street] is pronounced: shtruhce – sorry if I didn’t get that right )

  36. pj says:

    Best troll post today according to the comments! =D

    Btw, why do you people have that urge to know best and express your besserwisser side before even reading comments? The ignorance reeks pretty hard when 40 comments in a row yells “fail, that´s this language” after it´s been told that it´s a letter that´s part of a lot of languages.

    Anywho, as a fan of trolling I can enjoy ignorance and besserwissers any day! ^^

  37. Actually, that is my keyboard. It’s a norwegian qwerty keyboard, with an extra set of swedish buttons, that I replaced with æ & ø. 8D

  38. BeautifulPeople says:

    My keyboard has that, too. (I’m Swedish) 😀

  39. Merial says:

    Thanks, since seeing this I can’t stop imaging the Ö-key on my keyboard to be just a letter.

    …but what about this: Ü?

  40. DavidR says:

    In Germany they switch the ‘z’ and the ‘y’ because ‘y’ occurs so little in German, while ‘z’ is much more common than it is in English. For that reason it makes sense to put the ‘y’ in the lower corner of the keyboard.

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