You’re Charging Me With WHAT?

Objects With Faces-You're Charging Me With WHAT?

Submitted by: Sean Carey

Officer, there must be some misunderstanding. I wasn’t with my brother on the night of the alleged crime. And even if I was, I’m incapable of assault. I couldn’t hurt a fly. The only thing you could possibly get me on… is battery.

(Cue C.S.I. montage)

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4 Responses to You’re Charging Me With WHAT?

  1. JT says:

    It’s about time they go after one of these guys…batteries are sick of getting charged.

  2. Abooksigun says:

    Who else noticed the face within the face?

  3. fwerd says:

    Battery Goes WHERE?!?!?!

  4. KT says:


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