Happy Train Is Rusty But Happy

Objects With Faces-Happy Train Is Rusty but Happy

Submitted by: kamylynn

Sure, some days you’re the engine and some days you’re the caboose, but Happy Train’s optimism remains unwavering. Beneath the rust, he’s just brimming with positivity.

And cargo. He’s most definitely brimming with cargo.

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4 Responses to Happy Train Is Rusty But Happy

  1. tmm says:

    Where’s Pearl?

  2. PsychoDad says:

    That’s right, Sonny, in my day we didn’t have them fancy diesel engines, we had good reliable steam and coal! Had to stop ever’ couple hundred miles to refill the water tanks, too, now that was somethin’. Let me tell ya ’bout this one time . . . .

  3. Edward says:

    No! Knob! That’s a CARRIAGE. A happy carriage. Not a train.

  4. Steamr says:

    Judging by his roof, looks like a 1930’s – era heavyweight baggage car – probably DID spend some time behind steam locos. 🙂 Happy because he’s probably at a rail museum waiting to be restored to his former glory! 😀

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