NOOO! I’m Not Recyclable!

Objects With Faces-NOOO!  I'm Not Recyclable!

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You’re killing the environment, and I want no part in it! Please just toss me in the garbage and let me die with dignity!

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8 Responses to NOOO! I’m Not Recyclable!

  1. I’m supposed to go into the green container!

  2. Anon says:

    Don’t worry, little Foamy, those nice recycling center workers will sort you into the right pile!

  3. bajio6401 says:

    Great news for all Seattle area recyclers!!! There is now a place that accepts the kind of styrofoam shown in the photo. It’s located just west of IKEA in Renton. Heading west on 180th, make a right at the first driveway immediately after passing IKEA. It’s about half-way up the drive on the right. They take white styrofoam and and white styrofoam peanuts. Open Tuesday to Saturday, can’t remember the times though. We’ve used them all summer and it’s great not to have to put that stuff in the trash.

    • PsychoDad says:

      I’m not bothered by the trash anyway, I just throw all that foamy crap in the back of my V-8 pickup and go for a nice long fast ride down the highway.

  4. MistLiigh says:

    Actually, that is recyclable. Just sayin’.

    • Doodle Bean says:

      Not in Beverly, MA it isn’t. And Foamy was a Beverly resident before she was so cruelly thrown away!

  5. Keevee says:

    yeah in California we recycle Styrofoam. just started like this year i think. so don’t throw it away people!!

  6. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Yeah, that’s a Beverly, MA recycling bucket.

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