Objects With Faces-KINDERGARTEN!?

They told us we’d be moving to a new room, but they didn’t say anything about freakin’ kindergarten! Those toddlers are merciless and cruel. They’ll tear us piece from piece!

We don’t have to take this sitting down. We’re going to unionize. No five-year-old is going to disassemble me, thank you very much!

Via 9GAG

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4 Responses to KINDERGARTEN!?

  1. Toilet Goat says:

    Win. Pure, massive win.

  2. Jon says:

    We didn’t have desks in kindergarten. We sat on the floor in a circle “Indian style”. There were big tables with chairs for working on art projects.

  3. Thalia says:

    The caption reminds me of Toy Story 3.

  4. Somethingcrazy says:

    That’s an awfully dry, stoic room to be a kindergarten class. I can imagine most 4-5 year olds being scared shatless by the sight of that room!

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