Open the Door…

Objects With Faces-Open the Door...

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Monster House has a taste for humans. Delicious, tender, disobedient humans.

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7 Responses to Open the Door…

  1. CheezburgerFanatic says:

    So much pun

  2. Dastardly says:

    How Om Nom Nominous!

  3. PsychoDad says:

    Yeeegh… I’m glad I don’t live across the street from that…

  4. Robin says:

    I’m also glad I don’t live next door.
    Meby it makes sense to skip this house next monfs?

  5. Noelegy says:

    A woman who was 1) one of my favorite teachers and 2) one of my mom’s friends lived in a house that had these weird things on the roof. They always puzzled me, because they weren’t windows, or if they ever had been windows, they’d been painted over. False eyes to confuse predators?

    • DeadBob says:

      A way to let light into the attic without having to build full dormers. Easier to shingle around too.
      Usually only seen in places with a lot of precipitation, as larger dormers offer places for water and snow to buld up.

    • DeadBob says:

      As an unrelated side note, I find “false dormers”, those dormers that are attached to a roof, but do not upen into the space under the roof, to be offensive.

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