Objects With Faces-SMILE!!

I am just totally stunned by how simultaneously awesome and terrifying this flower is. And now I’m trying to decide if it wants to hug me or eat me.

Either way, it’s very creepicute.

Via Faces in Places

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17 Responses to SMILE!!

  1. Jessjessjessjess says:

    It’s a boy flower!

  2. Comfy Cushion says:

    Flowers in the hoods

  3. Cupcake says:

    Methinks Happy Baby Orchid grew up fast… sigh.

  4. Katsu-kahn says:

    “Hey, come on. You wanna piece of me?”

  5. Cyberkedi says:

    Nice winkie!

  6. Grouchy Ole Broad says:

    Trying to decide if it wants to hug you or eat you? Neither. The little scoundrel wants to pollinate you

  7. CheezburgerFanatic says:

    Yo, dawg, I heard you like flowers and being a hippie, so…

    Oh crap.

  8. Fruitsnack says:

    Hahahahahah!!! I need one of these! What kind of flower is it? Is this real?

  9. Katamariguy says:

    Surprise Buttsex!

  10. brainfire says:

    Feed me, Seymour!

  11. littlelorna says:

    Is that a stamen, or are you happy to see me….?

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