Iced Coffee

Objects With Faces-Iced Coffee

It’s okay. You don’t need to feel bad. He wants you to drink him. Iced Coffee is a giver, and he knows his chilled, caffeinated goodness is totally going to make your day.

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12 Responses to Iced Coffee

  1. thomas says:

    is their spelled like that on purpose?

  2. thomas says:

    I was first btw 😀

  3. Aunt LoLo says:

    Awww….sad! A Win FAIL.

    (they’re, y’all. THEY’RE.)

    (Those darn homonyms…)

  4. strangerover says:

    Their happy what?

  5. DigitalSciGuy says:

    When their choice of ‘their’ over ‘they’re’ is more correct and choice of font isn’t Comic Sans, the iced coffees are even happier…

  6. Jon says:

    Could be worse. Could be comic sans italic!

  7. GRAMMAR NAZI says:


  8. RuffTuff says:

    Ruined a good pic with your English fail. Mister Iced Coffee is 😦 about this.

  9. Eri Yoshida says:

    DAMN THE HOMOnyms!!!!!

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