Bunny Fruit Will Kill U All!

Objects With Faces-Bunny Fruit Will Kill U All!

I’m assuming you’re all familiar with Monty Python? If you remember nothing from that series, remember that bunnies are serious, angry, sharp-fanged demons from another dimension. Especially when they disguise themselves as tomatoes.

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4 Responses to Bunny Fruit Will Kill U All!

  1. Tygr says:

    (cue ‘Ride of the Valkyries’) “Kill da tom-ay-toe, kill da tom-AY-toe, KILL DA TOM-AY-toe!”

  2. jean says:

    This has probably already been said, and is stuck in moderation where I can’t see it, but:

    It’s just a little tomato…

    … with nasty sharp teeth!

  3. ChickenWyng says:

    You might be able to put this on photobomb to, looks like yellow butt cheeks trying to moon the camera.

  4. Phoenix says:


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