Helpful Steering Shaft Is Helpful

Objects With Faces-Helpful Steering Shaft Is Helpful

How was breakfast this morning? Are you feeling okay today? Have you had your coffee yet? Is there anything I can do to make the first four hours of your shift a little better?

Remember David, I’m your friend. I’m here to help. Especially to help you till these fields of delicious, delicious wheat.

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9 Responses to Helpful Steering Shaft Is Helpful

  1. Tom says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this on my lawnmower!

  2. Will says:

    Steering shaft fail, that engages the blade

  3. Miss Karen says:

    Heh, that has nothing to do with steering. That’s the lever that turns the mower blades on and off.

    • MagnaV30 says:

      Actually, its the lever that engages the Power Take Off.

    • fernblatt says:

      But since the thing it is attached to appears to be a lawn mower, rather than a full sized tractor, it’s still probably the lever that turns the blades on and off… 😉

    • Miss Karen says:

      I know that – but every time I use PTO with my roommates (who should really know what that means) they look at me blankly … So I figure there are lots more people who wouldn’t understand it – but would understand that it turns the blades on and off lol

  4. fernblatt says:

    Yea, that’s the PTO lever. But keep away from her, she’s engaged….

  5. =O says:

    :O! psh! puh! kssh! i was tTOTally gonna do this! I was like “this would be good on happy chair is happy!” aaauuuuw! 😦

  6. RubyFox says:

    Ha, that’s my mower shown, it’s a John Deere L100, and yes that lever engages the cutting blades 😉

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