Objects With Faces-Zzzzzzzip!

Man, I know the Bible tells us it’s a sin, but I will never ever ever not enjoy playing with myself. Really, I could do it all day!

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4 Responses to Zzzzzzzip!

  1. jamisings says:

    The Bible really doesn’t speak against playing with oneself. That’s just what some uptight “Christians” claim.

    If people were to return to the original Bible – the Jewish bible – they’d find things a lot different. The only time “playing with oneself” is considered bad is if you’re married. Because then you’re not paying the right kind of attention to your spouse. If you’re single it’s preferable to sleeping around.

  2. jenn says:

    yah there’s nothing in the Bible that says that, just like there’s nothing about smoking

  3. A_NonExistent_User says:

    The Bible does warn against allowing yourself to lose control of your body, as one does when a nicotine addiction develops.

  4. Audio Switch says:

    kitchen appliances should be always cleaned after use to prevent the growth of microbes ;”:

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