Angry… Office Thing… is Angry

objects with faces-Angry... Office Thing... is Angry

I have no idea what this is, or what it does… but I have a feeling it’s going to do it to your finger, and it’s going to do it maliciously.

Here’s hoping you got a tetanus shot recently!

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24 Responses to Angry… Office Thing… is Angry

  1. Jessica says:

    It’s a film splicer.

  2. Nope says:

    It’s a film splicer

  3. Gabriel says:

    This is a film splicer. And it is definitely angry.

  4. Chey says:

    That’s the little thingamajig they use to splice/tape together film reels at that movie theater 😀 I’ve watched my boyfriend use it a million times.

  5. arkher says:

    I think it’s a hole punch…

  6. That’s a hole punch, i think. One of those two hole jobbies for hanging sheets vertically. remember the weird clipboards with the two big loops at the top? No? Crap … I’m old.

  7. larkhill97 says:

    That’s a film splicer. The yellow bit at the top is the roll of film tape. The silver piece on the right is the blade for cutting the film. The two large posts (eyes) are the spring mechanisms. It’s used for assembling film reels for movies. I’ve always wanted to submit a picture of one. It looks like someone beat me to it.

  8. Dan Lee says:

    That’s a splicer for tapping together 35mm film. At a movie theatre (the ones that still use film projectors) the film arrives on several reels and needs to be taped together to make one long section of film to go through the projectors, and that’s where that angry guy comes in. The more you know…

    • CrabOfDoom says:

      Yeah, I got to watch a lot of free movies by tagging along with my projectionist brother when he worked changeover nights at a second-run (they had to play them all to check for errors, anyway.) There’s just no way to commercially transport a completed film platter – safely or cost-effectively. It took two people to lift them and move them to different projectors, and even that was fraught with peril if the film decided to shift; trying to distribute them that way by truck would be a nightmare.

      I always loved the way the splicer could cut so cleanly without an actual blade. Just one of those little joys, I guess.

  9. Sakuramaru says:

    So guize…..Is it a film splicer?

  10. dogsleder says:

    It’s a two-hole punch. I used to use one in the legal department at Georgia-Pacific aka Forest Mayhem.

  11. slightlybitter says:

    definitely a film splicer… I was a projectionist for a few years for a very large theatre, and on my last day I took the only one we had completely apart (it’s incredible just how many pieces come off that thing). That was my goodbye present… that place sucked.

  12. Gabriel says:

    Ok seriously. I am a projectionist right now. This is clearly a splicer. Hole punches of any kind do not come with a tape roll down the middle. You can even tell it’s on a build-up table if you look in the picture because there is a small switch extending from a box un the underside of the table. Bottom right corner.

  13. zombot says:

    indeed a film splicer. take it from those who have actually used one. it is NOT a hole punch. i’ve used one hundreds of times. this even looks like the table and floor at my old theater (now closed). happy memories!

  14. Robocat12 says:

    I don’t believe I’m clear on this… Is it a film splicer? Sorry, I just wish people were more clear on that… I mean, there’s only about 12 comments saying that that’s true… Come on people! 😉

  15. mark tkach says:

    We use one of those to punch holes in name tags so you can clip them to lanyards looks exactly the same.

  16. Thalia says:

    I don’t read comments, I just post them. I assume that I’m the only one who recognized this in five days, so I’ll relieve the people dying to know what this is:

    It’s a film splicer.

  17. Penny says:

    Repetitive thread is repetitive.


  18. kumkwat says:

    It’s actually a banana.. if you look closely you will see this. I know this because I eat one daily… bananas are good for you. Go eat one. I know I’m right because I’m ALWAYS right and I spend all day on the internet answering questions like this … believe me … I’m right.

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