Objects With Faces-TOMATOES

What did the cucumber say to his ripe brother?
“You know, if farmer Brown comes by today, you’re really going to be in a pickle.”

Oh god. Oh god. Why is he crying? Did I say something offensive? I thought my joke was gold…

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8 Responses to TOMATOES

  1. CODY says:

    Hahahahaha! Toe-May-Toe 😀

  2. archie says:

    Hey, Cucumber!
    Hey, Cucumber, hey!

  3. Sakuramaru says:

    This looks like the comedy/tragedy masks to me…

  4. Sarge says:

    This has obviously been carved.
    Sorry, but I consider that cheating.

  5. Stevey says:

    This is well done and
    Sarge: do you k,now what is really cheating, the sex I has with your mother.

  6. OMG! VEGGIE TALES says:

    OMG! It’s bob and larry!!!

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