Smooth Jazz Makes Me Sleepy

Objects With Faces-Smooth Jazz Makes Me Sleepy

I know you’re like, some bourgeoise, sophisticated young professional, and you feel like you’re only supposed to listen to crappy jazz radio and NPR when you’re driving to work… but could we maybe put on something a little peppier, for my sake?

How about some Gaga? Or maybe some Kanye? Oh! I’ve got a Major Lazer CD in the glove compartment. Let’s listen to that! I promise it’ll perk you right up! You and me both!

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3 Responses to Smooth Jazz Makes Me Sleepy

  1. Jami says:

    Gaga? Kayne? Get some TASTE! How about some Barry Manilow? Or I’ve got some Neil Diamond as well. Ooo – Ella Fitzgerald! Or how about some Buddy Holly? You know, people whom can actually SING and don’t need no stinkin’ autotune!

  2. Jon says:

    A recent study of auto accident statistics indicated that in an inordinate number of accidents in which a driver fell asleep at the wheel, the car radio was tuned to a smooth jazz station.

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