Sad Clock Hates the Smartphone Revolution

Objects With Faces-Sad Clock Hates the Smartphone Revolution

Why… why does daddy always use his cell phone for an alarm, even though I’m just sitting on his nightstand day in and day out? He used to wind me, and set me forward for Daylight Savings Time, and replace my batteries when I started to lose minutes every day… and now he won’t even look at me…

It’s like I’m just some ornament to him, now. Like I was just a tool, and now that he’s used me up, he wants nothing to do with me. I feel so alone right now… so very alone… *tears*

Submitted by: Unknown

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10 Responses to Sad Clock Hates the Smartphone Revolution

  1. Victoria says:

    Dude, not even kidding, your little monologue at the bottom there is super depressing. I want to hug the frikin clock, okay?? D:

  2. happy chair says:

    First! and how sad…

  3. jxp27 says:

    one of the saddest posts in all of cheezburger network. 😦

  4. happy chair says:

    cry cry it is very sad (keep useing your clocks!

  5. LoopDoGG says:

    If u wind it, why would it need batteries?

  6. Estel Talroval says:

    Awww. Poor cute little thing. I want to take him home and look after him.

  7. Kayla says:

    Awww, poor little guy. I’d so keep him as my alarm clock. Such a depressing little monologue…. Can I give him a hug?

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