Sad Cake Fears the Inevitable

Objects With Faces-Sad Cake Fears The Inevitable

I envy you, foul-tasting fruitcakes of the world. It’s always we delicious coffee cake slices who are consumed first, and you get to stay forever in the display case, becoming stale and living long, uneventful lives free from the perils of impending nommage.

Why did you curse me with tastiness, God? WHY!?

Submitted by: Unknown

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5 Responses to Sad Cake Fears the Inevitable

  1. AzTheHunter13 says:

    Awww..don’t sad Mr. cake,I’m sure you’ll be delicious.
    Om nom nom

  2. D-R says:

    Mmmm, cake. 🙂

  3. chicky82 says:

    But I would rather eat the fruitcakes then the coffeecakes. I am the Fruitcake Consumer! RARRR!!

  4. Oompah says:

    How sad 😦 Deliciously sad.

    *hugs cake*

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