Bring Me Solo!

Objects With Faces-Bring Me Solo!

You know, I think Jabba the Rock could really stand to lighten up on the way he runs his evil empire… I mean, yeah, I took out the contract to bring him Solo, and something called a “Wookie?”

But man, intergalactic traffic has been really bad these past couple of days, and this wild rebel chase is taking a lot longer than I expected it is. I’m really hoping my Friday deadline for the project isn’t set in stone

Submitted by: Chantal

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2 Responses to Bring Me Solo!

  1. LoopDoGG says:

    I live in modesto, ca, George Lucas’s hometown, and yes, IVE NEVER SEEN STAR WARS!!!!!

  2. ph33lix says:

    I sh** bricks!

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