Titanic 2 Knows Its Fate

Objects With Faces-Titanic 2 Knows Its Fate

Ugh, so first off, they actually thought I was a good idea. And now I can see how the rest of my life is going to go. I’m going to spend months submersed and drowning in the ocean, and then James Cameron is going to waltz in on a post-Avatar high and 3-Dify every aspect of my existence…

and then I’m going to sink like an anchor when I hit the box office. Screw everything. I’m out.

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6 Responses to Titanic 2 Knows Its Fate

  1. Alex says:

    This was a horrible, horrible film. Do watch it…

  2. 8675309 says:

    This is NOT related at all to James Cameron. Some sh***y movie studio making another crappy movie.

    • BlackDragon says:

      How can you call them s****y?
      These are the same minds behind such amazing films as:
      Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus
      Mega Piranhas
      Piranhas 3D
      and many, many more clever and original movies.

      That was pure sarcasm by the way.

  3. That guy says:

    Quick Wiki search shows that they took the face off the smokestack.
    Not funny anymore.

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