Garble Garble Garble Grrrrgas

Objects With Faces-Garble Garble Garble Grrrrgas

Rod holder is a little speechless right now, so let’s let his inner monologue do the talking:

Can’t… breathe… want… to… die… Ugh, when I figure out how to get this rod out of my mouth, Mr. Smith is going to wake up on the bathroom floor with one hell of a concussion.

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10 Responses to Garble Garble Garble Grrrrgas

  1. JunatokniKthxbai says:

    Should also be a Things That Are Doing It feature IMO

  2. billy says:


  3. LoopDoGG says:

    Thats right, take it all baby…

  4. nicomi says:

    Thats What She Said

  5. ChromeLynx says:

    IMMA FIRIN MAH Steel Pole?

  6. IceColdTroll says:


  7. MesonBoson says:

    Shoop Da Whoop!

  8. Harri says:

    Immature handle is immature

  9. galaxyfire says:

    You people need to get your minds out of the gutter. This made me think of the door knockers in Labyrinth.

  10. Spreeeze says:

    I’m firing my lazeeer!!!!!!

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