Uggg… I Hate This Job.

Objects With Faces-Uggg... I Hate This Job.

Never in my life have I been so displeased with my employment. All the rattling, and clanking, and loud noises… and the idiot meatheads who manhandle me on a daily basis…

You know, I’m really hoping I rust out, and fast. Being replaced by a newer, shinier, less bitter part would not bother me at all.

LoL by: jc

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2 Responses to Uggg… I Hate This Job.

  1. william says:

    i guess this is a throttle or choke valve of some sort off a carburettor . from the look of its total intake bore its possibly something akin to a ride on mower or large lawncare device or chainsaw the small hole allowing some air to get through while having a rich mix of fuel when closed so possibly a choke valve

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