Closet Monster Demands Toiletry Sacrifices!

Objects With Faces-Closet Monster Demands Toiletry Sacrifices!

Okay, so the toilet paper is a good start, but I’m still going to eat your children unless you provide me with all of the following items:

1.) A high-quality electric toothbrush. Because I like to brush right after I nom my human victims. 2.) Bubblegum-flavored floss. Because see addendum #1. 3.) Ultra-Strength Deodorant. Because your closet smells like the inside of Sasquatch’s den. I should know. I play poker at Skwatch’s place every Thursday.

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3 Responses to Closet Monster Demands Toiletry Sacrifices!

  1. jonesey says:

    are those…. prismacolor markers up in those pockets there?
    yep, I think they are.

    • Sarah says:


      The submitter has obviously mistaken the Art Major monster for the Travel Bag monster. Instead of eating people, he saps your self-confidence and artistic vision.

  2. it is like little derp happy chair… or thing…

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