Grumpy Car… is Grumpy

Objects With Faces-Grumpy Car... is Grumpy

You wanna know why they named me the “Whiplash?”

Because apparently the bigwigs didn’t think “the brand-new Human-Hating Death Trap” was going to roll off the lot fast enough.

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8 Responses to Grumpy Car… is Grumpy

  1. SpaceLemur says:

    Brings a whole new meaning to “the fast and the furious”

  2. Joshua says:

    I tend to think that the TVR Sagaris and the Dodge Challenger looks angry from the front, but I guess this takes the cake.

  3. Steamr says:

    Other than the “nasty”-looking “face” 😉 , looks like a pretty slick car (concept vehicle ???). Anyone know what it actually is?

    I’ve noticed a similar phenomena with a lot of the “sporty” cars aimed at the younger driver market – what are these teens so “angry” about? (That they now have car payments? 😀 ).

  4. janella says:

    looking like that… and grumpy; must be a badboy toy.
    SWEET ride.

  5. Bruised Almighty says:

    All it needs is a Decepticon symbol in the center of the hood to set the attitude off

  6. Jeff Randall says:

    Looks like a McLaren of some sort (from the badge and colour) but it’s not an MP4-12C

  7. Lassie says:

    It’s grumpy because it thought a celebrity supermodel was going to drive it, instead a fat rich lawyer from Indianapolis squeezes behind the wheel every Sunday….

  8. CrimsonRoger says:

    Okay I have looked at so many orange concept cars that I think I will see orange when I close my eyes. Badge does indeed look like McLaren, however nothing going back 15 years nor ahead as much as I could find proves indeed it is not of that designer. The grill area screams Laborghini (possibly an early Insecta or Murcielago pre concept?)

    What makes me wonder if it is not just an art project.. a really really really good oh my god I want that art project is the squiggle by the driver front tire. Looks like a signature but the resolution is bad and blowing up the image does not make it any better. I can make a list of all the high end car designers its NOT, but that may take more space than I am given.

    Please help me sleep tonight and at least point me in the direction of where the image came from. Please… someone…. anyone…. Is this thing on?

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