Sad 19th Century Robot Clock Feels Antiquated

Objects With Faces-Sad Robot Clock of the 1800s

Since when did “antique” and “junk” become synonyms!? I mean, I know I’m a little complex for most people, and they don’t really understand how I go about telling time, and I’m not tuned to the atomic clocks in the world, and I very probably was coal-powered in my prototype days…

But I still can’t believe that NO ONE seems to want me. I mean, I thought people hoarded things on oddity value alone! When did that change, and why didn’t I get the memo!?

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7 Responses to Sad 19th Century Robot Clock Feels Antiquated

  1. WarDragon says:

    That’s a scale.

    • Vikavid says:

      For a scale it has an awful lot of cogs, gears, and winding springs. I’ve seen clocks with a linear face before, so I’m going to say that it may in fact be a clock.

      And I WANT!

    • Lungdoc says:

      Plausible–but where’s the pan upon which to put the item to be weighed? Little shelf just above the eyes doesn’t look as though it would move. And if it’s all clockwork, what’s with the little red light thing? Maybe the whole assembly is some kind of art object. ??

  2. On “Sanford & Son” the sign says “We buy junk and sell antiques”. That always cracked me up.

  3. The Chairforce says:

    This could be a scale… or, by the look of those smaller gauges, it could be a weather instrument (thermometer/barometer/hygrometer 3-in-1 concoction)

  4. Steamr says:

    No, the pointer (mouth) is a D’arsonval meter movement; the eyes appear to be early “Nixie” tubes; and the “hairdoo” 😉 is some clock movement parts.

    Looks like a piece of “Steampunk” art! 😀

  5. PsychoDad says:

    So is this not a real device then? I thought it looked more like a meter than a clock, but then couldn’t figure out what the gearing was for!

    Looks like something Spock would put together to get a signal 20 light years and 200 calendar years out…

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