Angry Tube HATES Your Crappy Nu-Metal Band

Objects With Faces-Angry Tube HATES Your Crappy Nu-Metal Band

Ugh, I just can’t be a part of this band anymore! While you four idiots were busy chowing down on Doritos and watching Metalocalypse, I was checking your Myspace page…

and, SERIOUSLY? You list KORN and NICKELBACK AND SLIPKNOT as major influences? You people disgust me. So yeah, I’m out.

Submitted by: earspanker

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6 Responses to Angry Tube HATES Your Crappy Nu-Metal Band

  1. Tomcat says:

    Ohhh, bloody hell, I’ve been there. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, let me tell you.

    And Metalocalypse is rubbish.

  2. brmbug says:

    Irontube lol.

  3. ThatOneDude says:

    Hmmm… WTH?! How can you list Korn and Slipknot(Two GREAT bands) with Nickelback?! You can’t compare those… Where’s world going?

  4. earspanker says:

    I’m earspanker….and I took this photo……but I did not write that crap…..tho, Nu Metal blows…..but it seems the tongue in cheek aspect of Metalocalypse is lost on you guys……………..just sayin’

    but I am THRILLED that I made it to the BIG WALL

  5. Some White Guy says:

    I think it looks alot like the silver knight form Castle

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