Happy Bread is in a Butter Mood Than You

objects with faces-Happy Bread is in a Butter Mood Than You

You see what I did there? DO YOU SEE IT? OH GOD PLEASE TELL ME YOU SEE IT.

… sorry. Sometimes I just really need validation. I mean, I think my jokes are pretty slick

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8 Responses to Happy Bread is in a Butter Mood Than You

  1. Calvin K says:

    Wow… it’s like Happy Chair and So Much Pun have merged!

  2. Aleks says:

    Looks more like “Durr bread is happy about ur hurr” 😛

  3. Bran says:

    hmm, looks alot like the bread I submitted that had air-hole smiley face, but it isn’t. *looks for mine*

  4. Eric says:

    If you turn the bread over, you get sort of an unsure face. I’m not sure I’d buy two-faced bread… 😛

  5. jackiesayshuh says:

    if you tilt your head you can see three different faces you have smiley face and you have angry face and surprised face.

  6. Kaley says:

    It’s funny cause if you rotate the picture 180 degrees it becomes “Concerned Bread is worried about how much Carbohydrates you eat.”

  7. Sarah says:

    Upside-down bread says your puns make him feel queasy.

  8. Don Fabuloso says:

    I thought it was margarinally funny.

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