Caption Contest #23 Winners

Honorary Chairs, thank you for all of your awesome submissions! We’ve had to choose just a few to post here, but we loved each and every one. Stay tuned for our next caption contest!

Objects With Faces-Cyberkedi
Submitted by Cyberkedi

Objects With Faces-bloo97
Submitted by bloo97

Objects With Faces-Austin P
Submitted by Austin P

Objects With Faces-laura-LOL
Submitted by laura-LOL

Check out a few more of our favorites after the jump!

Objects With Faces-Rigid
Submitted by Rigid

Objects With Faces-DakotaLesmercy
Submitted by DakotaLesmercy

Objects With Faces-optmyst
Submitted by optmyst

Objects With Faces-Jenapher
Submitted by Jenapher

Objects With Faces-Hopps
Submitted by Hopps

Objects With Faces-ghibli22
Submitted by ghibli22

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6 Responses to Caption Contest #23 Winners

  1. Mad Hatter says:

    Loved the tickling and popeye ones 🙂

  2. catbunny says:

    Doom doom doomy doom doom!

  3. eggy27 says:

    but i liked my one!

  4. CheezburgerFanatic says:

    Peeping Tom birdfeeder is disgusted by what he sees.

  5. Alyxandrea says:

    ;3; mine was ignoreded! How inconsiderateeeeeeeeee I worked hard on it ;3;

  6. meagain says:

    The word is “distasteful,” not “untasteful.”

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