Flaming Stump is Burning With Anger

objects with faces-Flaming Stump is Burning With Anger

Dude, you really need to take some Xanax or Valium or something… I mean, you know what they always say…

If you can’t control your anger, then you’ll end up consumed by rage.

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13 Responses to Flaming Stump is Burning With Anger

  1. Ryder says:

    Its E.V.I.L!! nooo!!dont tough it!!!

  2. Mario! says:

    Awesome First Chair Plus, this reminds me of Torchwood from Plants Vs Zombies

  3. KZN02 says:

    Anyone thinking Plants VS Zombies?

  4. Jon says:

    Obviously man-made faces should be disqualified!

  5. CosplayHoratio says:

    It’s on fire…RAMALAMADINGDONG! All we need is some Pea Shooters to fight off the zombies.

  6. OLUT says:

    Man, what a hothead!

  7. SpiderMonkey20s says:

    Everybody likes and respects Torchwood. They like him for his integrity, for his steadfast friendship, for his ability to greatly maximize pea damage. But Torchwood has a secret: he can’t read.

  8. ChromeLynx says:

    Basement stump will stalk you in the night!

  9. AnonCollie says:

    My head glows with an awesome power! Take my leaves, take my branches and all of my bark! FLAMING TRUNK!

  10. wooQ says:

    not to be a troll but i think it’s supposed to be like that

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