Happy Bags Are Ecstatic

Objects With Faces-Happy Bags Are Ecstatic

I know they always say you can’t put a price on love… but honestly, all of us are just finally happy to be in the sale aisle. We’ve been waiting to be purchased for THREE YEARS, and at this point we’re willing to settle for a home with a bag lady if it means we won’t be collecting dust on a shelf anymore.

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4 Responses to Happy Bags Are Ecstatic

  1. Rena-san says:

    Hoorah 🙂 It is a pleasure to have made it. They are worryingly happy though, perhaps suspitiously so…

  2. Alexygalaxy says:

    The red one’s sticking its tounge out at us.

  3. Blaragon says:

    I don’t know how many people have played this game, but the picture reminded me of the “emotional baggage” from Psychonauts.

  4. no_need says:

    Where are these from? I kinda want one!

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