Gothic Church LOVES Its New Grill

objects with faces-Gothic Church LOVES Its New Grill

I know bling isn’t usually par for the course with your typical Goth wardrobe, but man… my hookup was having a HUGE sale on this grill, and I just couldn’t resist. I just feel so much more ferocious when I wear it! I’m a total tough guy with this sucker in my mouth! Fear my gangsta wrath, neighboring churches. I ain’t afraid of none of you!

Submitted by: Oregonrandy

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6 Responses to Gothic Church LOVES Its New Grill

  1. Velouria says:

    That’s not gothic. Learn some art history.

  2. Sarah says:

    Is it just me, or is that a mosuleum? (sp?)
    I thing it’s the ‘no window’ thing that gives me that impression.

  3. Oliver says:

    Dude, “gothic” is the one with the pointy arches. This is not it.

  4. Lassie says:

    Aren’t those Spanish style tiles on the roof? It DOES look like a mausoleum…New Orleans? (they don’t plant ’em in the ground there, but in mausoleums)

  5. Kleanthes says:

    This is Romanesque, or Pseudo-Romanesque, also known as Romanesque-esque.

  6. arrrrtgrrrrllll says:

    Totally Romanesque or thereabouts depending on location–centrally planned cruciform, with a central dome, heavy stone work, pediments. Where is this?…it’s killing me! It could be based off one of a few mausoleums in Ravenna, Italy, built during the Byzantine period…

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