Salmon Finally Realised…

objects with faces Salmon Finally Realised...

EXPIRED!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN EXPIRED? I AM AS FRESH AS FRESH CAN BE oh wait. It says right there on the label: “best by: 10/27/09.” No wonder I’ve been sitting on the shelf for such a long time…

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Picture by: Unknown

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5 Responses to Salmon Finally Realised…

  1. Fromage says:

    This is not fair… salmon is delicious!

  2. Lassie says:

    I have no caption, but this poor bit of fish reminds me of a trip through a local grocery store that went under last year…I walked past the fish case and thought, this store is EMPTY – shelves half empty, a handful of customers – who’s going to buy all that fish for $9 a pound. And I never found out, because the store was emptied and vacant a week later….

  3. Hugo says:

    omg that looks discusting :X

  4. canface says:

    realized is spelled with a z, dude. fail.

  5. kenzie says:

    that looks like jaba the hut!

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