Cannibal Pepper Strikes Again!

objects with faces-Cannibal Pepper  Strikes Again!

He’s a terror in the vegetable kingdom, but the populace remains optimistic that his devastation will soon come to an end. News outlets keep assuring everyone that detectives are hot on this madman’s trail.

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7 Responses to Cannibal Pepper Strikes Again!

  1. MaxArt says:

    It looks more like a tomato.

  2. Mandii says:

    And no offense, but it’s populace, not populous.

  3. Zeeps says:

    That isn’t…natural, is it? 0_0 Of course,I don’t know how or why you’d make such a thing either.

    • Jules says:

      Of course it’s natural, but not normal.
      The non-natural tomatos are those you find at the store, so perfect, so roud and all equal.

  4. Comfy Cushion says:

    Poor plant. Its not a cannibal, it just had a very bad allergic reaction to being pollinated by a bee this morning. A few doses of Bee-No-Drill and it should be fine in a few days.


  5. bekitty says:

    Whatever it is, whether it’s a capsicum or a tomato, it looks disturbingly like Aughra from the Dark Crystal.

    “Smell like Gelfling!”

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