objects with faces-BOO!!

Wait, what do you mean “ghosts can’t be corporeal?” What kind of bargain bin sci-fi garbage have you been reading? OF COURSE ghosts can have material bodies! It just makes the haunting that much scarier! If you irritate us, we’ll not only creep around and drive you insane, but we’ll smack you upside the head with a cinder blockish force so fierce your head will be spinning until next Tuesday!

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3 Responses to BOO!!

  1. The Little Myrmidon says:

    That’s so good to know. For a moments there I thought they might be the knights that say “Ni!”

  2. JediUrsa says:

    it is said that Ectoplasm, the physical manifestation of certain ghosts, ranges from a light vapor, to a thick slime, to a heavy wax-like substance

  3. capsiplexx says:

    nice share

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