Bullet Train is Focused On His Next Stop

objects with faces-Bullet Train is Focused On His Next Stop

You might think Bullet Train’s intense focus is a little unnecessary, given that he’s magnetized to a fixed track and whatnot…

But seriously, his grit and determination is the only thing that keeps his stops from turning into Chernobyl or Hindenburg-grade catastrophes. He’s got so many G-forces, the alphabet has to request permission to borrow the letter from him!

Submitted by: Unknown

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6 Responses to Bullet Train is Focused On His Next Stop

  1. Tom Lapointe says:

    He’s focused because he’s “in TRAINing”! 😀

  2. Aramek says:

    “In his next stop?”

  3. GbreadMan says:

    “Hey babe…bet you never saw a caboose this fine before.”

    ~”And I’m, too sexy for my cars, too sexy for my cars…”~

  4. trainfan says:

    Train facts here…. series 500 shinkansen, introduced in 1997, very few were built of them, 9 in total. No longer runs the nozomi(high speed express) service, i beleive they only run it on the Kodama(lowest shinkansen service) now, due to the introduction of the superior 700 and N700 sets.

  5. The Chairforce says:

    You just cant beat the 500-series Shinkansen…

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