Predictably Sulking Sara Sulks Predictably

Objects With Faces-Predictably Sulking Sara Sulks Predictably

For those not in the know with Of Montreal, let’s borrow a lyric of theirs to illustrate Sara’s current mood:

“Predictably sulking Sara wears a scowl on her face / which no attempt at cheering can erase / Look at her face, so sad…”

Jeez… cheer up, emo crate!

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4 Responses to Predictably Sulking Sara Sulks Predictably

  1. Jon says:

    Mr. Giant Dairy below her aint too happy, either!

  2. projektion says:


  3. Balthazar says:

    One of my friends took this pic. That makes her famous right? That makes /me/ famous, right?

    • Kenny says:

      I remember this!!!!! Good times. 🙂

      BTW Jonathan, you will never be famous, you will forever live your life as a nerd in your parents basement. You have sealed your fate. *Steps on piece of glass in Rollin’s fort and dies of AIDS* OMG they killed Kenny!!! You bastards!! Rollin laughs evily “I have now conquered South Park and I shall soon rule the world!!! Kai, what is our plan?” “That is confidential.” YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!!

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