Today is My Locky Day!

objects with faces-Today is My Locky Day!

Oh man, I’m so excited! They’re finally setting me free! Free as a bird! I’m finally going to get to do everything I’ve wanted to do for so long!

I’m gonna go shopping, and get a manicure, and get that tattoo that I’ve always wanted, and treat myself to an expensive dinner, and OH CRAP. They just locked me again. Well, shoot…

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2 Responses to Today is My Locky Day!

  1. Jason says:

    So happy he’s unlocked himself for us!

  2. mythee says:

    Ahh! Yay! Today is my locky day too! Happy Lock is so Open and friendly, it’s no wonder it could charm its way onto the front page. BD Thank youuu n-n

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