Caution: Proceed With No Emotion

objects with faces-Caution: Proceed With No Emotion

Seriously though, this is an emotion-free zone. Violators will be fined $7,682 and will be forced to forfeit their firstborn children to the State Department. Showing emotion in an emotion-free zone is a very serious offense, don’t you know. And also a felony.

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2 Responses to Caution: Proceed With No Emotion

  1. BlackjackTheener says:

    So this is what the road signs would have looked like if Team Galactic had succeeded, huh?

  2. Adrian says:

    It sure looks weird, but it’s actually a railway sign used in Germany (and possibly other countries) telling the train driver to temporarily switch off the power supply from the overhead contact line. The official description says it should look like a “U with gaps”. You can see it’s El 1, the Switch-Off Signal:

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