Happy Light is Aglow With Joy!

objects with faces-Happy Light is Aglow With Joy!

My mama always told me that even in dark times it is still important to always look on the bright side, and I think that kind of logic is what makes me such an optimist nowadays! I mean sure, my bulb is about to burn out, but that’s not going to diminish my positive outlook on existence. I mean, I hope they buy me one of those cool, coiled, eco-friendly bulbs once it happens, but really I’m okay with whatever ends up happening. Things could always be worse, right? The power could go out…

Oh lord, please don’t let the power go out…

Submitted by: Martin Anderson

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2 Responses to Happy Light is Aglow With Joy!

  1. Jason says:

    I’ll have what he’s having!

  2. Crazy Cake says:

    The quote should have been: “Hey, I’mma barf out a big shiny light on your head.” The one put was not a very good caption.

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