Elephant Water Heater Needs to Let Off Some Steam

objects with faces-Elephant Water Heater Needs to Let Off Some Steam

Ugh… that stupid teapot keeps talking smack behind my back. I know I’m above him in every way; I mean, he’s just a crumby piece of porcelain, and I have working heating coils and internal wiring! I’m just way better than he is!

But seriously, those little jabs he takes… they’re starting to really bother me. I think I need to take a walk or something, because I’m just boiling with rage right now.

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10 Responses to Elephant Water Heater Needs to Let Off Some Steam

  1. Andy says:

    ‘Water heater’? You mean ‘kettle’?

  2. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Maybe the teapot has noticed that elephant water heater really needs a bath. He’s filthy – covered with food spatters. Ugh.

  3. no_need says:

    Elephant water heater would be an elephant kettle in the UK. And most other places I can think of. Water heater? :p

    • amethyst42 says:

      That’s what I was about to say.

    • PJ says:

      Ah true. It is indeed a kettle. A very dirty kettle. I have never heard it called a water heater here in California. Maybe an East Coast thing? Well maybe – their ocean is on the wrong side…

  4. Mike says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I ran downstairs and grabbed our express tea kettle to show my wife.

  5. Tartsonawire says:

    I’m in the US and I’d call it an electric kettle, too….oh well, still kinda funny. And yes, it needs a good washing, too.

  6. Sproing! says:

    It would translate “Water Boiler” in here. But… I don’t want to know, what he’s doing with his trunk…

  7. RuralPug says:

    Well it’s an electric kettle here in Oz too – but to be fair, the raison d’etre of an electric kettle is to heat water.

    The odd thing to me is that it seems to have just laid an egg?? Not something I would normally associate with elephants OR water heaters.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It kind of looks more like a penguin to me. That would also explain the egg.

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