Shocked VHS is Shocked at His Obsolescence

objects with faces-Shocked VHS is Shocked at His Obsolescence

Is there no justice in the world!? What does Blu-Ray have that I don’t? I mean, sure, they’re chocked full of shiny special features and such, but… I’m a relic from a different technological age! I don’t understand why that doesn’t seem to matter! Freakin’ cassette tapes are making a comeback, for God’s sake! And vinyl! And I’ve heard talk ’round the water cooler that the hipsters are even trying to revive the eight-track! It just isn’t fair…

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10 Responses to Shocked VHS is Shocked at His Obsolescence

  1. Skyfire says:

    That’s not a VHS tape, that’s Betamax.

  2. Asuna says:

    That’s a DV cassette…. fail on both Captioner and Skyfire

    • DevilBunnies says:

      Yep…still useful on many camcorders. May be shocked at what you film with it…

    • Sarge says:

      It’s still obsolete, though. Go to any store where they sell camcorders and you’ll see they’ve all gone all-digital now… the newer models write to a hard drive or an SD/SDHC card, or if you get the older models they’re writing to mini-DVD-RWs. Hell, you can buy cell phones that’ll shoot 720p video now! Who needs a camcorder at all?

    • Asuna says:

      DV tape is shocked at your homeporno….what it saw…..cannot be unseen….wait..yes it can…..TAPE ERASER!

    • ChloeRed says:

      You’d have a hard time recording video to that.. It’s an AIT backup tape…
      (note the contacts for the internal chip that stores the tape details in the top left corner)

  3. rustingdodge says:

    Shocked Mini DV tape is shocked that you think it is a VHS

  4. JoeDaStudd says:

    Its a data tape, the type companies used to use to back up data.

    I have a few sat around my desk at work. Looks identical to the back of a sony sdx3-100c (just read it off the label).

    I win the internet?

  5. firestorm_v1 says:

    That’s not a VHS tape, that’s either an 8MM tape or a DAT (DDS3 or DDS4) tape.

    uhh.. Bulk Tape Eraser to the rescue?

  6. Woo says:

    Actually, it’s an AIT tape – JoeDaStudd got it right. Those are not really obsolete yet (even if Sony discontinued the drives last year, they are still in wide use for backups, IIRC up to 200GB per tape).

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