Sad Circuit Bemoans Its Complexity

objects with faces-Sad Circuit Bemoans Its Complexity

Woe is me! I am an extremely demanding and complex theoretical circuit, and cruel fate has planted me firmly in a 100-level engineering course at a STATE SCHOOL! These idiots probably don’t even properly know how to pronounce the word “anode,” let alone understand the concept as a whole!

Curse you, wretched publicly funded academia! Because of the ignoramuses you allow onto your campuses, I will forever remain theoretical.

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5 Responses to Sad Circuit Bemoans Its Complexity

  1. Pinlighter says:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) to complete the circuit, the whole circuit, and not to break the circuit, So help me Volt.

  2. Steamr says:

    Sad circuit is sad because vacuum tubes are history! 😉

  3. SPARKY says:

    Sad circuit is sad because it knows that vacuum tubes are highly outdated and must be revamped with transistors! 😀

  4. Madrigorne says:

    Sad circuit wishes evil professor would leggo his eyes!

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