Darth Vader Stove Looks Happy and Warm

objects with faces-Darth Vader Stove Looks Happy and Warm

Which is good, because his buddy Han Solo Griddle is currently frozen in carbonite, so I can’t imagine he feels similarly right now.

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Approval-Craving Tool Needs You to Love His Hat

objects with faces-Approval-Craving Tool Needs You to Love His Hat

It was on sale, and I think it looks great! I mean, it does look okay on me, right? You can totally be honest… I mean, if this hat actually makes my head look stupid and fat, I really do want you to tell me! But I mean, it totally doesn’t look bad on me at all… does it?

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Sad Drawer Wishes You Wouldn’t Slam Him Shut So Hard

objects with faces-Sad Drawer Wishes You Wouldn't Slam Him Shut So Hard

I know you’re often really upset when you wake up 20 minutes late for work in the morning… and I’m sure it doesn’t help that you tend to do that at least three times a week… but when you retrieve your underwear from inside me, could you PLEASE try and be just a tiny bit gentler when you shut me afterward? I have feelings too, you know…

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Caption Contest #29 Winners

Honorary Chairs, thank you for all of your awesome submissions! We’ve had to choose just a few to post here, but we loved each and every one. Stay tuned for our next caption contest!

objects with faces - Whoz_I_Be
Submitted by Whoz_I_Be

objects with faces - skavenknight
Submitted by skavenknight

objects with faces - MrBongos
Submitted by MrBongos

Check out a few more of our favorites after the jump!

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objects with faces-DO. NOT. WANT.

Well, listen, noms-to-be. Sometimes you don’t get to have everything in life the way you want it to be. And in your case, sometimes you don’t get to avoid being eaten. Because frankly I’m starving, and you’re sitting in my kitchen, and so your fate is essentially sealed. I promise I’ll apologize after you’re safely tucked away inside my tummy, though!

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Happy Dressing Dish Remains Happy

objects with faces-Happy Dressing Dish Remains Happy

Sure, you used me all up on that joke of salad they just served you, but you know what? I remain UNDAUNTED. I KNOW that I’m delicious, and in fact I am so delicious that I’m convinced that I might just be able to save that mess of a plate you just poured me on. I’m really glad I’m here for you right now. You should consider my presence a privilege. When you finish your meal, just make sure to slip me the tip over the server, okay?

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Sad Circuit Bemoans Its Complexity

objects with faces-Sad Circuit Bemoans Its Complexity

Woe is me! I am an extremely demanding and complex theoretical circuit, and cruel fate has planted me firmly in a 100-level engineering course at a STATE SCHOOL! These idiots probably don’t even properly know how to pronounce the word “anode,” let alone understand the concept as a whole!

Curse you, wretched publicly funded academia! Because of the ignoramuses you allow onto your campuses, I will forever remain theoretical.

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